Al Gore's THE Climate Reality Project

Executive Producer/ Director: Vanessa Black
Producer: Courtney Davies
Director of Photography: Boyd Hobbs
Editor: Chris Berkenkamp @ DionysusCo. Entertainment, LLC
Editor: Sam Parker @ DionysusCo. Entertainment, LLC
Sound: John Rampey
Lead Assistant Editor: Jim Berkenkamp
Assistant Editor: David Veras
Post Production Intern: Genovany Grandales
Gulf Coast Footage provided by Jonathan Henderson, Gulf Restoration Network
Theme Music: Harper Simon
Special Thanks: Brady Brock



YOUTHFUEL is a digital series created for former Vice President Al Gore's annual Climate Reality Broadcast.  This series was created within 38 days from pre-production through post.  The series was developed in New York City, shot in 10 cities across the US and edited in Los Angles, CA.   BLKFLM was honored to be apart of this event and partners in New York City's 2014 Climate Week.  The broadcast  reached 16 million live viewers.