The planet doesn't need saving.  We do.


Kid Warrior is an environmental movement, sparked by a single video. In 2014 Xiuhtezcatl, his mother Tamara and I formed a partnership to launch Earth Guardians into the mainstream.

This was an experimental project that cultivated relationships with the press, sustainable brands, celebrities, NGO’s and foundations to rebrand the way we talk about Climate Change. Our messaging embraced youth culture and inspirational storytelling.

Our goal was to capture the momentum from the Kid Warrior video to cultivate a movement. We drafted a 5 year strategy that included: original videos, a book, press tours, PR plan for Xiuhtezcatl’s lawsuits, an online platform, and partnerships.

We harnessed the power of the internet and story to reframe the way we talk about Climate Change. Kid Warrior was a special project under the umbrella non-profit Earth Guardians; none of this work would have been possible without the support of the EG team, its volunteers and the inspired youth around the world.


Publicity & Press Partnerships:

Additional Videos from Our Project:

COP21 Coverage

2016 DNC Convention: A Generations Call to Action

Behind the Scenes of Xuihtezcalt’s First United Nations Address with Tribeca Film.

United Nations - Remarks by Xiuhtezcatl, indigenous climate activist and Youth Director of Earth Guardians at the opening segment of the High-level event of the United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change (29 June 2015).