I am a commercial director, producer & multi-media artist.

I am also a 5th generation Californian.

My great-great-great-grandfather worked for the Transcontinental Railroad buying up land for the Union Pacific.  I have a portrait of him in front of a steam engine, looking like a true western badass or as a ruthless asshole depending on which side of history you are on. His future daughter-in-law painted California wild flowers in one of the first houses in Laguna Beach.  The house still exists and Google street view tells me it’s become a frat house for surfers.

My maternal grandmother was named LaRita. Her Texan mom thought it sounded French.  She grew up in the Anza Borrego Desert when the government gave out land grants to populate the US border to Mexico for anyone who found water to homestead.


A few sticks of dynamite later, LaRita went on to be a weightlifter on Muscle Beach in Venice, dated Mr. Universe, met my grandfather at a military ball at the San Diego YMCA and later traveled through the Middle East while stationed on a base in Turkey in the 1960's.  My blonde mom was actually kidnapped from the base by local teens. She was exchanged for a roll of aluminum foil and I’d like to think that role of aluminum is exactly why you are reading this today.

Storytelling connects generations.  In this world of digital storytelling, I am borderline-obsessed with story as a tool to transcend borders, genders, languages and religions. Film breeds empathy in an era where we desperately need it.

I graduated from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts with a B.A. in Film Production.  My career began at The Kennedy / Marshall Company, continuing on to Paul Thomas Anderson’s feature film The Master, MGM Studios, Health Ledger’s THE MASSES and Radical Media.

In 2014, I founded my company BLKFLM as a way to tell impact driven stories for my generation.  Since it’s founding, we’ve had the honor to work with Al Gore, The United Nations, UNICEF, Appian Way, some of my favorite publications, teen activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, the youth behind the headlines in the Ukrainian Revolution and scores of everyday heroes whose voices matter most.

Media creates culture and can transform our world.  A good story makes your feel like you are not alone, like you can do anything or be anyone.  For me, filmmaking is as close I can come to flying.  

I hope to work with you soon.