I am a commercial director, producer & multi-media artist.

I specialize in social impact advertising and movement building.  I am passionate about global storytelling, making macro issues relatable on a  personal level.  For me storytelling is a way to breakdown fear, create empathy and spark curiosity.  

In 2014, I pulled together a crew and two cameras to create a multifaceted project about the youth behind the headlines of the Ukrainian Revolution.  I wanted to learn how young people around the world were using the internet to create real revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Venezuela.  Screens to streets was the focus.

My company BLKFLM was founded through that project, applying what we learned in a real revolution to Climate Change, supply chains and women’s issues.  We’ve had the honor to work with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, The United Nations, UNICEF, Appian Way, teen activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, major publications, and scores of everyday heroes whose voices matter most.  


For me, storytelling is not just a film — it is a 360 way of thinking about a brand, a product, or even a movement.

I graduated from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts with a B.A. in Film Production.  My career began at The Kennedy / Marshall Company, continuing on to Paul Thomas Anderson’s feature film The Master, MGM Studios, Health Ledger’s THE MASSES and Radical Media. My short films and commercials have earned prizes and screened at festivals around the world; my press page is bursting with coverage. None of the accolades matter if these stories do not resonate with you, the viewer.

Media creates culture and can transform our world.  A good story makes you feel like you are not alone — like you can do anything or be anyone.  For me, filmmaking is as close I can come to flying.  

I hope to work with you soon.